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Do you find it hard to keep track of your #100daysofcode progress?

WhereAmI gives you the tools to log your progress, metrics on your journey, and ability to share to social platforms right from the app.

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I tracked my progress using note taking apps and I hated it

I created Whereami to help people who are in the same boat. Let's make your learning fun without worrying about measuring it.

Learning Calendar

Keep track of days and skips

What #day am I currently in?

When is my next rest day?

Sharing progress

Prepare and share updates right from the app

Share updates to twitter to keep yourself accountable for your journey


Analytics on your learning

When is my longest streak?

When is the last I skipped due to work?

What are the primary reasons that I skipped?


Emails to keep you on track

If you're distracted and couldn't progress, the app will start sending you reminders.

Resources & Challenges

Materials and Challenges for practicing

Curated lists of resources and challenges created by the awesome community.

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